New sensor tech for commercial Lithium-ion batteries could support >5x faster charging without compromising safety

By mmillikin Researchers at WMG at the University of Warwick (UK) have developed a method to assess the maximum current for commercial 18650 Li-ion batteries, using novel instrumentation methods enabling in operando measurements. In an open-access paper in the journal Electrochimica Acta, they reported that the maximum charging current that could be safely applied to…

China: Should Tesla Stay Or Go?

By Steve Hanley A new report throws another factor into the Tesla factory in China mix. If Tesla builds cars there, must it equip them with batteries made in China, too? Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Clean Technica

Sunpreme and Blue Sky Utility add rooftop solar to Hanford Mall

By Kelsey Misbrener Blue Sky Utility, Sunpreme and Pascco Companies are pleased to announce the completion of a 1.62-MW commercial rooftop solar system located on Hanford Mall in Hanford, California. The system is the largest commercial rooftop Solar PV installation in Hanford and the largest solar system to be installed, to date, on a shopping…

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