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Renewable energy jobs fall by 27% in four years

By Michael Slezak Latest ABS figures show job decline in renewable energy industry, with consumer groups blaming government for the loss of 5,100 full-time jobsMore than a quarter of the jobs in the renewable energy industry have disappeared since 2011, with a continued decline in the latest figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.The…

Californians Will Buy 200,000th Plug-in Car By This Month

By Jeff Cobb California has been called the El Dorado State, the Grape State, the Golden State, but having purchased nearly half of all plug-in cars ever sold in the U.S., you can call it The ZEV State. Actually, with its Air Resources Board (ARB) setting Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) rules for about a quarter…

Nanomotors could help create self-healing electronics

As electronics grow ever more intricate, so must the tools required to fix them. Anticipating this challenge, scientists turned to the body’s immune system for inspiration and have now built self-propelled nanomotors that can seek out and repair tiny scratches to electronic systems. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Electric Vehicles Research

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