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The Bentley Effect: Why community energy will power our future

By Giles Parkinson The extraordinary resistance to coal seam gas in NSW documented by The Bentley Effect underlines the power of community energy, and delivers a warning to politicians and big business about their energy and business choices. The power is shifting to communities. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Renew Economy

From Germany Comes a New Twist for Fusion Research

By American Physical Society At the high temperatures needed for fusion, gas is ionized, meaning that electrically neutral atoms dissociate into charged electrons and nuclei — a plasma. The post From Germany Comes a New Twist for Fusion Research appeared first on Solar Thermal Magazine. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Solar Thermal…

The Sierra Club Thinks Amendment 1 Is The Worst (Podcast)

By SolarWakeup As the Nov. 8 election draws ever nearer (are we there yet?), Florida’s Amendment 1 comes ever closer to either success or failure — and Florida residents just can’t let the utilities win. More corruption was exposed this week by The Miami Herald — and we asked Mary Anne Hitt, director of the…

Robotic agriculture: the battle between the big and the small

Agricultural robotics can upend several commonly-held notions. Amongst them is the idea that big is better. In practise this has translated into ever larger and more powerful agricultural machinery. This makes sense because a big machine amplifies the capabilities of the skilled driver, dramatically boosting its productivity. This notion may however be about to experience…

New fuel cell aircraft flies

Following Boeing flying an uneconomical single seated plane about ten years ago a four seat hydrogen fuel cell plane has taken to the skies. The hydrogen-powered experimental aircraft HY4 has made its first official flight, taking off and landing at Stuttgart Airport Germany. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Electric Vehicles Research

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