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Tesla Motors grows up, buys up

By Sophie Vorrath Two new announcements – that EV Supercharging service no longer free, and purchase of German automated manufacturing company – show signs Tesla is growing up. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Renew Economy

Cloud-tracking cameras to tackle dips in solar power output

By Michael Slezak CloudCAM technology allows operators to reliably predict the output of solar farms 15 minutes ahead of timeA new way to tackle the much-maligned unpredictability of solar energy is being deployed at a solar farm opening today in Western Australia – cloud-tracking cameras. Related: Large-scale solar to triple after what could be Arena’s…

IMCA publishes standardized boat-landing report for offshore wind sites

By Michelle Froese The subject of developing a document on a standardized boat landing was identified by the International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA) Renewable Energy Workgroup as one of the areas where there could be benefits — in terms of cost reduction and safety improvement — for marine operations for renewable energy. IMCA’s new report…

Concordia commissions heavy cargo transport vessel for Siemens

By Michelle Froese The 141-m long Rotra Vente’s “roll on/roll off” feature makes it possible to drive cargo to and from the deck, enabling a more cost-effective operation. The Concordia Group recently delivered and commissioned an innovative heavy cargo “roll on/roll off ” vessel to Siemens, designed for the efficient transportation of wind-turbines parts. The…

Buses Reinvented

The very structure of the bus is changing with electrics, mechanics and electronics previously made as “components-in-a-box” being replaced by structural electronics – the roof is the solar, the dashboard is the instruments – all as smart materials. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Electric Vehicles Research

Vivint Solar Raises $200million in Tax Equity, Installs 59MW in Q3

By SolarWakeup By Yann Brandt; Vivint Solar announced today that it has raised $200 million in new tax equity, a day before announcing it’s 3rd quarter financial results. The $200 million were critical given the delay the company was having in raising new tax equity after a failed acquisition by Sunedison. Vivint Solar even went…

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