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Sustainability on Campus: UMass Amherst Takes Solar To the Next Level

Benjamin Aufill is Sustainability Communications Manager at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, a bustling campus that serves 22,000 undergraduates each year and provides housing for 12,500 of them. The university has recently committed to installing 5.5 MC (DC) of solar on various locations around its sprawling 1,450-acre campus. Read Full Article Here For more great…

Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf Celebrate Their Sixth-Year Anniversary

By Jeff Cobb Six years ago this week, a new era in transportation began with the launch of the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf. The East-versus-West cars represented two different approaches to offset petroleum consumption along with attendant tailpipe emissions by substituting lithium-ion batteries and electric motors to propel them. The extended-range electric Volt with…

SunSystem Technology hires new VPs for key initiatives

SunSystem Technology announced Monday that PV industry veterans Greg Sellers and Wayne Williford have joined the company in order help spur SunSystem’s growing pipeline of residential and commercial Operations and Maintenance (O&M) accounts. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: PV-Tech

Capacity fading in Li-ion batteries

Li-ion batteries are widely used in applications such as mobile phones and laptops. They also hold the key to future electromobility as they have the potential to substantially increase the driving range of electric vehicles. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Electric Vehicles Research

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