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Chevy Volt Is Best-Selling Plug-in Car in January

By Jeff Cobb As tradition would have it, January plug-in electrified vehicle sales were down compared to December, but of all cars for sale in the U.S., the Chevrolet Volt’s 1,611 units were enough to place it first. The Volt’s sales were up 62-percent over January 2016’s sales when the second-generation extended-range EV was still…

Robot drone that mimics bat flight

Bats have long captured the imaginations of scientists and engineers with their unrivaled agility, but their complex wing motions pose significant technological challenges for those seeking to recreate their flight in a robot. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Electric Vehicles Research

Electric Boat Climbs Mountains

Light amphibious all-terrain vehicles have their own place within a broad spectrum of modern self-propelled machines. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Electric Vehicles Research

OEMs forecast to secure 50% of growing wind O&M market

By Michelle Froese This article comes from Wind Energy Update, and is authored by By Richard Wachman. The full piece can be read here. Original Equipment Manufacturers are fending off competition in wind-power operations and maintenance (O&M) through a combination of longer service agreements, tailored offerings and takeovers of independent service providers, experts told Wind…

The power behind the Super Bowl

By Michelle Froese If you’re reading this, chances are you work in the power industry. But when you flip on the first light in the morning or brew your coffee, chances are the electricity that powers those devices isn’t top of mind. That power is a privilege most of us in North America take for…

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