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London taxi pollution

For the first time, air pollution in the UK is now primarily caused by road vehicles. Legal limits for the year were exceeded in the first four days of the 2017. London schools are being built where the children are forced to suck in four times the approved amount of acid gas. Read Full Article…

An Accurate Portrayal Of Justin Trudeau’s Character

By Roy L Hales Unlike the previous administration, which “never bothered to pretend they were anything other than grimly determined power-seekers,” the Trudeau people are using their perceived idealism as “a newer, slicker, con.” Coyne may be right, but I suspect this is not an accurate portrayal of Justin Trudeau’s character An Accurate Portrayal Of…

Trump Rolls Out More Of His Coal Program Today

By Roy L Hales America’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) oversees the development of approximately 570 million acres where there are coal deposits. Less than 1% of that is currently under development. That is about to change. President Donald Trump rolls out more of his coal program today Trump Rolls Out More Of His Coal…

How AEMO’s new boss will reform Australia’s energy vision

By Giles Parkinson AEMO’s new boss, Audrey Zibelman, outlines Australia’s energy future: Fast, smart, clean and cheap – with a focus on distributed generation, storage, and demand management. This represents a fundamental change in Australia’s energy management. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Renew Economy

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