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Finkel modelling ignores new technologies, cheaper renewables

By Giles Parkinson The modelling prepared by private consultancy for Finkel Review deliberately ignores certain technologies that can provide grid security and replace coal fired generation at a much cheaper cost than gas. It also uses inflated costs for wind and solar. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Renew Economy

Could One Of These Videos Win the Tesla ‘Loveday’ Ad Contest?

By Jeff Cobb EV fans tend to have an affinity for ads promoting their preferred cause, Tesla has had its share of volunteers posting home-made video spots, and since March there’ve been dozens of new ones waiting for Tesla to judge them. In case you haven’t heard, the sudden onslaught of creativity was prompted by…

Top EV Incentives (CleanTechnica #EV Report)

By Zachary Shahan Which electric vehicle incentives are most effective? Which will stimulate the most EV adoption? Which break down the biggest barriers to EV awareness, experience, and transition Top EV Incentives (CleanTechnica #EV Report) was originally published on CleanTechnica. To read more from CleanTechnica, join over 50,000 other subscribers: Google+ | Email | Facebook…

Helsinki Airport Goes Solar

By Press Release Solar power will produce nearly ten per cent of the power required in the new energy-efficient terminal areas at Helsinki Airport The post Helsinki Airport Goes Solar appeared first on Solar Thermal Magazine. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Solar Thermal Magazine

Tesla Model X = Safest SUV Ever, Because Some Humans Have Hearts

By Zachary Shahan The Tesla Model X has been scored as the safest SUV the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has ever tested, and the second-safest vehicle the NHTSA has ever tested … only trailing the Tesla Model Tesla Model X = Safest SUV Ever, Because Some Humans Have Hearts was originally published on…

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