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Mobile robots will transform material handling, logistics indusries

Mobile robotics in material handling and logistics will become a $75bn market by 2027. It will then more than double by 2038. These staggering headline figures mask turbulent transformative change underneath: some technologies will rise and transform the fortunes of industries, fuelling growth rates far outpacing recent trends, whilst others will face with decay and…

Be your own battery

Researchers are developing a revolutionary technology that will allow people to act as their own “power source” by wearing clothing such as “smart” shirts and shoes that harvest and store electricity. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Electric Vehicles Research

Wind industry development up 40% in strong second quarter

By Michelle Froese Over 40% more wind-power projects are under construction or advanced development in America than at this time last year, according to second-quarter results released today by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). Kansas just became the fifth state to surpass 5,000 MW of installed wind-power capacity, and now has enough wind capacity…

Bollinger B1 all-electric utility truck revealed

By [email protected] (John Voelcker) It’s square-edged, with flat body panels, large knobbly tires, and a simple interior that can easily be hosed out when dirty. The Bollinger B1 electric utility truck revealed tonight at the Classic Car Club on New York City’s Hudson River was designed out in the country, where trucks have to be…

North Carolina governor signs comprehensive energy legislation HB 589

By Kelsey Misbrener Governor Cooper today signed House Bill 589, a substantial portion of which is necessary and comprehensive energy legislation that secures a booming North Carolina solar energy industry that leads the nation. Immediately after signing it, Cooper signed Executive Order No. 11, aimed at promoting wind energy and mitigating the effects of a…

NASA Wants Your Big Ideas for Solar Power on Mars

By Tracey Smith According to NASA, harnessing solar power on Mars is critical to the mission of sending humans to the red planet. The post NASA Wants Your Big Ideas for Solar Power on Mars appeared first on Solar Thermal Magazine. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Solar Thermal Magazine

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