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The death of “alternative energy”

By Andrew Beebe Once, alternative energy meant “clean coal” and “fracking.” Today, renewables have left those “alternatives” for dead, and not even Trump can save them. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Renew Economy

Tesla Confirms Model 3 Will Be First Mass Market Electric Vehicle

By Kyle Field Many milestones have been laid out for electric vehicles and we have celebrated them all. Let’s hit 100,000 electric vehicles sold, 500k, 1 million electric vehicles. Market share is another favorite, as well as breakouts by manufacturer. Who has sold the most EVs? Who sold the most last year? Who will sell…

Daimler invests in flying air taxi

The objective of making flying possible for everyone has drawn closer: In July 2017 the aviation start-up Volocopter agreed a finance deal over 25 million Euros with the automobile firm Daimler from Stuttgart, the technology investor Lukasz Gadowski from Berlin and further investors. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Electric Vehicles Research

Tesla Fast Tracks Model Y To Push Into Lucrative CUV Market

By Kyle Field Elon Musk announced in the Tesla Q2 2017 earnings call that he was walked back from the edge of the cliff on Model Y by his executive team. That team convinced him that building Tesla’s next-generation CUV (Compact Utility Vehicle) on the Model 3 platform was the best decision. This maximizes reuse…

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