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The Alcraft GT Brings British Electrification to the Forefront

By Ray Prince The Alcraft Motor Company, a British electric startup, is vying for Tesla shoppers’ attention with its first car concept, the Alcraft GT. The concept has otherworldly specifications, running three electric motors generating a total of 600-horsepower with 840-pounds-feet of torque. It is expected to have a 300-mile range with an estimated 0-62…

Fiat Chrysler Reporting Up to $20,000 Loss on Each 500e

By Ray Prince The profitability of electric cars has long perplexed automakers, some of whom have yet to make rapid progress or accurate sales forecasts given uncertainties with demand, supply, ability to scale, cross-functional partnerships with fellow automakers and suppliers, among other factors. In a Monday speech at a Rovereto, Italy university event, Fiat Chrysler…

Creating longer-lasting fuel cells

Fuel cells could someday generate electricity for nearly any device that’s battery-powered, including automobiles, laptops and cellphones. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Electric Vehicles Research

CMS Energy purchases 24MW PV project in Michigan

CMS Enterprises, a subsidiary of CMS Energy, is purchasing Delta Solar — a 24MW, two-part PV project under construction that will generate renewable energy to the Lansing Board of Water & Light to power 3,300 Michigan homes through a power purchase agreement. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: PV-Tech

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