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Elk encounter 3 years later

By WrethaOffGrid Those who have followed me for a few years should remember my elk encounter from about three years ago, it did quite a bit of damage, but PB was able to do “Bobbage” and make everything work again. Most of my front end was “customized” by that elk encounter 3 years ago, the…

The Power Plant We Did Not Have To Build

By admin What Kind Of Power Plant? As advocates of renewable energy, we talk a lot about building new wind, solar or bio-fuel facilities to help… The post The Power Plant We Did Not Have To Build appeared first on Solar Thermal Magazine. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Solar Thermal Magazine

A Half Dozen New Electric Vehicles At CES 2018

By Jeff Cobb As has become increasingly the case, advanced-tech cars are coming to CES 2018. The Las Vegas-based venue whose name has been truncated from “Consumer Electronics Show” takes place shortly before the Detroit Auto Show this month, and since the line between cars and consumer electrics has increasingly blurred, its prominence has grown….

Study boosts hope for cheaper fuel cells

Nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes or modified graphene nanoribbons may be suitable replacements for platinum for fast oxygen reduction, the key reaction in fuel cells that transform chemical energy into electricity, according to Rice University researchers. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Electric Vehicles Research

Hyundai Mobis to Unveil Self-Driving Technology for Drowsy Drivers at CES

By Ray Prince Hyundai Mobis, the parts and service subsidiary of Hyundai, is introducing a new self-driving technology addressing driver fatigue at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this month. Its software-based technology, called DDREM, an acronym for Departed Driver Rescue & Exit Maneuver, reads and interprets signs of driver fatigue using three “identifiers”…

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