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Community Solar & Value Of Solar Under Review in Minnesota

By John Farrell Minnesota’s leading community solar program is about to go through its first major change, from using net metering retail compensation (plus a credit payment) to using Minnesota’s value of solar payment. Unlike other states that have torpedoed net metering, Minnesota’s alternative compensation actually takes into account the value of solar energy to…

Mercedes-Benz at 2018 Geneva Motor Show

By Blagojce Krivevski The Geneva Motor Show will see the debut of two new Mercedes-Benz preproduction models that combine state-of-the-art plug-in hybrid powertrain technology. Like the S 560 e, the C- and E-Class plug-in diesel hybrids will in future use third-generation hybrid technology. Delivery of the first models is scheduled for late summer 2018. At…

More Tariffs, And The Entire World (No, Really) Freaks Out

By SolarWakeup By Frank Andorka, Senior Correspondent What Happened: President Tariffs…er….Trump announced last week his plans to impose 25% tariffs on imported steel and 10% on aluminum. And we are not kidding: The entire world appears to be gearing up for a trade war of epic proportions. The European Union is threatening to impose billions…

Engie takes shine to US PV

By Robin Lancaster SoCore acquisition adds 150MW of operating or under-construction solar Read Full Article Here For more great articles: reNEWS – Renewable Energy News

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