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Arctic Has Warmest Winter On Record

By Cynthia Shahan The Arctic winter comes and goes — but ever so differently as warming trends prevail. Increasing temperatures and glacial caving continue as Mother Nature gets hotter — at the top of our world as elsewhere. James Balog has an immense range of visuals on this subject. Read Full Article Here For more…

Windrad-Havarie: neue 200m-Windkraftanlage in Borchen völlig zerfetzt #DEU

By National Wind Watch [Environmental disaster due to wind turbine accident in the district of Paderborn: A new Enercon wind turbine in Borchen-Etteln has flown apart. A more than 500m radius is contaminated with countless glass fiber particles.] Umweltkatastrophe durch Windenergieanlagen-Unfall im Kreis Paderborn: Ein neues ENERCON-Windrad in Borchen-Etteln ist auseinander geflogen. Ein über 500m…

Rotorblätter von Windrad bei Borchen zerfetzt – Wind turbine blades shredded #DEU

By National Wind Watch Kreis Paderborn. Auf einem Feld bei Borchen-Etteln hat sich der dritte schwere Windrad-Unfall im Kreis Paderborn innerhalb von zwei Jahren ereignet. Am Donnerstagabend wurden zwei der drei Rotorblätter völlig zerfetzt, mehrere Glasfaser-Kunststoff-Bruchstücke fielen zu Boden. Die Unfall-Ursache wird derzeit von Experten untersucht. Nach NW-Informationen könnte es sich um einen Montage-Fehler handeln….

Electric Car Myth Buster — Efficiency

By Steve Hanley Have you heard or read that electric cars are no more efficient than gasoline or diesel powered cars? That myth is one of the easiest to explode. Quite simply, it’s not even remotely true. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Clean Technica

Renewable Energy Has More Economic Benefits Than You Know

By Jake Richardson Renewable energy is already cheaper than other energy options in most of the world, but it comes with other economic and societal benefits as well. Because of the number of countries investing in renewable energy, the complexity of their national economies and their energy infrastructure details, it isn’t possible to cover everything…

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