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The Organized, Varied, & Outright Crazy Attacks On Tesla

By Zachary Shahan Tesla has been attacked for years. Certain people have targeted Tesla as an entity to smear essentially since Day 1. The reasons vary — pure entertainment, efforts to block competition, envy, masculinity issues, entrenched insider inertia, etc. Some people also just think Tesla, its products, and its CEO are not as cool…

CleanTechnica Chats With The Fully Charged Dudes (Video)

By Zachary Shahan Ever heard of the YouTube show Fully Charged? It seems like every CleanTechnica reader I meet these days is also a Fully Charged viewer. “Back in the day,” I remember seeing just a few thousand (or even few hundred?) views on Fully Charged videos, but the viewership is now through the roof….

A Solar Bike Crosses India, USA, & France

By Zachary Shahan While in Abu Dhabi for the 2018 Zayed Future Energy Prize, the World Future Energy Summit, and the Global EVRT event, I met an interesting character with an spirit of adventure in his genes — Sushil Pakala Reddy. Sushil, an energy engineer, is an IIT Bombay alumnus from Mumbai, India. I am…

CleanTechnica Meetup In Amsterdam!

By Zachary Shahan I’ll be in Amsterdam again next week for the rEVolution conference. We had a fun CleanTechnica meetup last year on the night before the conference (which is actually how we ended up with Maarten as a superb CleanTechnica contributor). This year, the plan is to have a CleanTechnica meetup on March 13…

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