Daily Archives: May 15, 2018

Elon Musk Harpooned Baseload Power

By George Harvey With batteries like the Hornsdale Power Reserve, power from solar and wind power will be more valuable, because with battery backup their power can be used to supply an increasing share of baseload power. And that increase in value, which might not necessarily be reflected by an increase in price, makes their…

Koreans fire Oz battery

By Robin Lancaster Kokam and Alinta Energy bring 30MW storage system online Read Full Article Here For more great articles: reNEWS – Renewable Energy News

Mother & Daughter Camp In Trees For 34 Days To Stop Pipeline

By Kurt Lowder Renewable energy is getting a boost as grassroot campaigns to stop pipelines and other fossil fuel developments are springing up organically all over the world. Terry and Minor Red, who are mother and daughter, were able to hold up a EQT Midstream Partners pipeline for at least 34 days Read Full Article…

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