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Effective Data Security When Recycling Corporate Tech E-Waste

By Stewart McGrenary Data security in the energy sector is of massive concern, due to the sensitive data that may be stored on computers and other electronic devices.Note: For simplicity, the phrase “sensitive.. Click headline for full article Read Full Article Here For more great articles: The Energy Collective – The world’s best thinkers on…

Nissan’s Long Strange Trip With LEAF Batteries

By Maarten Vinkhuyzen The Nissan LEAF is infamous for its battery problems. It started with the fast degrading 24kWh battery in the original 2010 Nissan LEAF. That battery was not up to the hot conditions of US Southwest states. It was replaced by a battery with a different chemistry, the 24kWh “lizard battery” in 2014….

County moves forward with wind farm restrictions #IA

By National Wind Watch KCCI Sep 27, 2018, Chris Gothner, Reporter – kcci.com Greenfield, Iowa – Adair County is moving forward with a plan to restrict wind turbines in the county. Wind turbines have been a contentious issue there for a while now. KCCI’s Chris Gothner has details. Read Full Article Here For more great…

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