Daily Archives: January 27, 2019

Meet Lay-By Louise In Her Off-Grid Brothel

By spy_vondega Camper Van_GoghThey call her Lay-by Louise. A van-dweller in the UK has developed a tidy sideline in backseat driving. Together with her Vanfella she offers sex packages lasting one to three hours. Louise, in her 40s, romps with blokes for £120 an hour — and her husband will even join in for a…

Another EV Benefit: Less Noise Pollution

By Jake Richardson One well known electric vehicle (EV) benefit is that EVs don’t produce tailpipe emissions from directly burning fossil fuels — emissions that contribute to climate change and harmful air pollution Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Clean Technica

Tesla Model S Converted into a Police Car

By Ryan Austin Speeders Beware: Don’t get caught by the Tesla Model S Police Car in Fremont, California According to a recent press release, the Fremont Police Department have converted a Tesla Model S into a police car. Some of the department’s modifications to the Tesla Model S ($61,000 worth) included a “light bar, push…

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