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Energy & Data: The Duo Defining Our Global Future

By Sponsored Content it is more evident than ever before that GaN technology is the clear and undisputed solution for driving more robust growth and product innovation, as well as enabling companies to elevate the conversation and engage more deeply in sustainability initiatives Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Clean Technica

What Can 70 Year Old Pininfarina Bring To The Electric Vehicle?

By Nicolas Zart When most people think of Pininfarina, images of Ferrari and Alfa Romeo might spring to mind, but the Mahindra company wants to bring its long and impressive automotive expertise to electric vehicles (EVs). The question is, what can it bring to the table? The answer lies with its pedigree, passion, and expertise…

A Green New Deal can’t be concocted out of hot air.

By Jim Baird Figure 1The thermohaline circulation has been described as the planet’s great heat engine. It is a pipeline driven by density gradients created by surface heat and freshwater variations that play an essential role in moving heat around the globe and in determining its climate. Shimokawa and Ozawa considered the question Thermodynamics of…

Exorcism of Unemployment- Switching to Solar

By Gyanesh Chaudhary Current progress in India indicates incredible growth in business and industry development, testified by the country’s acquirement of 77th position On World Bank’s Ease Of Doing Business Report from 126th rank in 2016. However, factoring in 6.1% (NSSO data) current unemployment rate it is important to note that unemployment in the country…

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