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Energy (Brazil): 5 Trends for 2021

By Rafael Herzberg Energy (Brazil): 5 Trends for 2021 Distributed generation Solar energy, cogeneration from biomass and gas and even traditional generator sets are alternatives to reduce costs and mitigate supply risks via the public grid. Energy Efficiency Load management, demand control, load programming (to avoid waste) are simple, low-cost actions that generally offer surprising…..

Dec 2020 Issue: 2021 Renewable Energy Handbook

By SPW Solar Power World December 2020 Digital Edition is sponsored by CPS North America | Chint Power Global Welcome to the 2021 Renewable Energy Hand At times this past year felt like an eternity, but we bet a few expert renewable energy stories slipped past you in 2020. This handbook reviews what has been…

Keywords indicating the Energy Transition is well underway

By Richard Brooks I’m hoping we have some fun with this item. Reply with some keywords which indicate that the energy transition is well underway. These should be terms/phrases that we would not have seen/heard without the energy transition. I’ll start:Synthetic Inertia: is the contribution of additional electrical power, from a source which does not…

Energy: lessons learned this year

By Rafael Herzberg Energy: lessons learned this yearMy consulting activity has changed a lot in 2020r. Like so many other activities, it tended to virtual work.It was really interesting!In place of the traditional posture of prospecting information on the spot, analyzing it, modeling alternatives and then helping the client in his decision-making process, this year…

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