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Genex buys more time to finalise flagship pumped hydro project

By Michael Mazengarb Genex board confident of landing final investment approvals for pumped hydro project after securing more time from key project partners. The post Genex buys more time to finalise flagship pumped hydro project appeared first on RenewEconomy. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Renew Economy

Protecting the Electric Grid with DBOM; A Proof of Concept Demonstration

By Richard Brooks This article is co-authored by Shuli Goodman PhD, Executive Director, LF Energy, Chris Blask, Global Director Industrial and IoT Security, Unisys and Dick Brooks, Co-Founder, Reliable Energy Analytics LLCThe energy industry is well aware of the risks from cyber threats. However, the visibility and sheer scale and scope of the Solarwinds software…

Achieving Near-Zero Industrial Emissions By 2050 Would Boost U.S. GDP 3.3%, Create 5 Million Jobs

By Energy Innovation New analysis shows seven common-sense policies that avoid wasted energy, transition to clean fuels, and reduce industrial sector emissions could dramatically boost the United States’ economic output – increasing GDP 3.3% and creating more than 5 million additional jobs by 2050. The analysis modeled policies recommended in the peer-reviewed paper Technologies and…..

Energy: Preferences x Importance

By Rafael Herzberg Energy: preferences x ImportanceIn the energy arena, companies and institutions have a marked preference for a very Brazilian modus operandi.1. Obtain information from potential suppliers”For free”, simple, easy and without compromise.2. Focus on detailsProposals are requested and the comparison is mainly due to differences in technical and financial aspects.3. DecisionThe technical.. Click…

Lease land for free in Vermont!

By gscottgrahamstephens I live on 107 beautiful acres in central Vermont and am looking for people who want to live off-grid and homestead. I am willing to lease you the land for nothing for up to four years if you are willing to develop your parcel. You only pay your share of property taxes each…

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