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The Little Utility that Could?

One very small public utility in the Sierras tries to implement more cost-based rate design Kirkwood Meadows Public Utility District – by some measures, the smallest electric utility in California … Continue Reading The Little Utility that CouldBrought to you by: EV Driven Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Electric Vehicles

Infrastructure bill sent to President Biden while Build Back Better Act inches forward While the infrastructure bill includes some renewable energy provisions, the BBB is the heart of federal solar policy.

By Kelsey Misbrener The bipartisan infrastructure bill was finally passed by the House of Representatives on Nov. 5 and sent to President Biden’s desk, who is expected to sign it when lawmakers return from recess, according to AP. While the infrastructure bill does include some provisions related to the renewable energy industry, such as grid…

10 Clean Energy Stocks for 2021: November

By Tom Konrad Originally published at Alt Energy Stocks Monthly Performance Returns for the Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2021 model portfolio are shown below. It was a good month for clean energy stocks as well as the broader stock market, with the portfolio up 4% for a 20% total return through the end of…

Join me in paradise :)

By emmanuel Join me in paradise or I can join you if you have a better paradise 🙂 I can give lots of good things to this off grid community, but for the beginning I want to tell you a little bit of a story about my background: I am from Slovenia – Europe. Single….

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