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US Pledges $14M to Support NuScale in Romania

By Dan Yurman US Pledges $14 Million For Romania’s SMR Project with NuScale SaskPower Selects the GE-Hitachi BWRX-300 SMR Sweden’s Vattenfall to Study SMRs for Ringhals EDF Ramps Up to Win Dukovany New Reactor Contract CEZ Signs Nuclear Fuel Contracts With Westinghouse And Framatome Rosatom Gets Green Light From Egypt To Build Dabaa Nuclear Plant…

The First Million-Transistor Chip: the Engineers’ Story

In San Francisco on Feb. 27, 1989, Intel Corp., Santa Clara, Calif., startled the world of high technology by presenting the first ever 1-million-transistor microprocessor, which was also the company’s first such chip to use a reduced instruction set.Brought to you by: EV Driven Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Electric Vehicles

Norway Grows EV Share — Tesla Model Y Bestseller

Norway’s electric vehicle transition continued to progress in June, with plugin electric vehicle share of 89.9%, up from 84.9% year-on-year. Overall auto volumes were down 27% YoY, to 14,901 units. The Tesla Model Y was the overall bestselling auto, at 2,531 units. Market Share Trends May’s combined plugin result of 89.9% comprised 78.7%Brought to you…

Shifting away from fossil fuels to a clean energy future

By Calvin Butler Americans have been hit with unprecedented prices at the pump recently. With gas prices soaring to over $6 a gallon in parts of the country, it’s no surprise that Americans’ interest in electric vehicles (EVs) is at an all-time high. As gas prices started to climb in March of this year, Google…

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