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Australian researchers develop safer electrolyte for sodium batteries

By Joshua S Hill Australian researchers develop new and non-flammable electrolyte material for use in sodium batteries that could be safer and cheaper than lithium-ion batteries. The post Australian researchers develop safer electrolyte for sodium batteries appeared first on RenewEconomy. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Renew Economy

Carbon Markets Can Drive Revenue, Ambition for Tropical Forest Countries, New Studies Show

By EDF Energy Exchange By Guest AuthorThis post was co-authored by Pedro Martins Barata, Senior Climate Director, and Julia Paltseva, Senior Analyst, Natural Climate Solutions. Aerial view down onto vibrant green forest canopy with leafy foliage. Source: Getty Images Global climate mitigation requires rapid action to protect ecosystems, particularly Earth’s tropical forests. Once ecosystems are…

Future of Electric Cars is Locked

By Brian Wang We know what will happen in the next two years with electric cars because we know what electric car factories and battery factories have already been built. Electric Car Factories take time to build and scale production. Battery factories and battery supplies take time to establish. This is the same as in…

1st Nissan ARIYAs Hit British Shores

Long, long, long after the Nisan LEAF set its mark as a pioneering electric car globally, Nissan has rolled out its second significant electric contestant (yes, it has taken a while). The Nissan ARIYA, a handsome and somewhat stocky electric crossover, has arrived on British shores and aims to impress. The picture above is from…

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