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How to Buy a Second-Hand Electric Car

We’ve all done it — you kick the tyres, rev the engine, check the body panels, and take it for a drive. If you are really knowledgeable, you might listen for piston slap or do a compression test. But, what if the car is electric? How do you know if it is worth the money?…

Support Your Charging Equipment: Pedestals and More

In the world of EV charging, there are three things that every charging station manager needs to consider when putting in new equipment: the charging hardware, the management software, and the right peripherals. Those first two get a lot of attention, but what was that last one? What peripherals are we talking about here?Brought to…

What to Know About the Advanced Clean Fleets Proposal

Under CARB’s proposed Advanced Clean Fleets (ACF) regulation, medium- and heavy-duty fleets would have to replace their internal combustion engine trucks, with battery-electric or hydrogen-fuel-cell electric vehiclesBrought to you by: EV Driven Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Electric Vehicles

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