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Hype or Reality, serious question.

By [Energy Central] Doug Houseman It the link below there are some comments about EVs and fire issues after being flooded. Does anyone have data to support or discredit this article? I can’t find much in the way of information in a Google search this morning. Any information would be appreciated. Read Full Article Here…

CO2 to Fuel Company Starts Work on World’s First Solar Fuel Plant

By [Energy Central] Julian Jackson Switzerland-headquartered company Synhelion has begun construction of DAWN, the world’s first industrial-scale factory to create carbon neutral fuels by using solar energy. The process uses the power of the sun to decarbonize transportation. Synhelion aims to produce solar jet fuel, diesel, and gasoline, to directly replace fossil fuels in vehicles….

Present Energy Policy is a House of Cards

By [Energy Central] Jim Baird It is predicated on the public’s acceptance of energy that is 5 times more costly than is necessary, is underwritten by $5.9 trillion in annual fossil fuel subsidies, is contemplating the superfluous disbursement of as much as $100 trillion for atmospheric carbon dioxide removal, and envisages the mobilization of US…

Cummins plans 500 MW PEM facility to support hydrogen projects

By Renewable Energy World Engine maker Cummins said it would begin producing electrolyzers at a factory in Minnesota, starting at 500 MW of capacity annually, scalable to 1 GW at a future date. The company said it plans to dedicate 89,000 sq. ft. of its existing facility in a suburb of Minneapolis to electrolyzer production….

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