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How Oil Companies Can Mitigate Environmental Damage

By [Energy Central] Jane Marsh Despite the mindset of phasing out fossil fuels for renewable energy, humanity still relies upon oil. Reduction in usage will be a gradual process. In the meantime, using this fuel source as sustainably as possible is critical. Oil companies can implement measures to mitigate environmental damage during the transition to…

This is what Australia needs to bring to Egypt for COP27

By Wesley Morgan Australia will need to walk the talk at COP27. That means moving rapidly away from coal and gas, and helping developing nations manage climate impacts. The post This is what Australia needs to bring to Egypt for COP27 appeared first on RenewEconomy. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Renew Economy

Saudi Arabia Launches First Electric Vehicle Company

By Blagojce Krivevski The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has launched Ceer, the first Saudi electric vehicle brand, as part of a push to diversify the economy of the oil rich country. A joint venture between the kingdom’s sovereign wealth fund and Taiwanese technology company Foxconn, the new company will design, manufacture and sell a…

StoreDot Says Solid-State Batteries Are At Least 10 Years Away

StoreDot has some of the fastest charging batteries, but it says solid-state batteries are still at least 10 years away from production. Batteries Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Energy Storage solid-state batteries StoreDotBrought to you by: EV Driven Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Electric Vehicles

News Flash: Gas-Powered Cars Use Electricity Too

A favorite trope of the “Don’t get me wrong, I love EVs, but…” crowd is the idea that widespread EV adoption will cause the electrical grid to “crash.” Those who follow the industry understand that this concern is overblown, to say the least. Simply scheduling charging for times of low demand (smart charging) can greatly…

The Russo-Ukrainian “gas relations” – The Columnist

By [Energy Central] German Toro Ghio “The oil market impact from the Ukraine war has highlighted the most important geopolitical shift for oil markets over the past decade.” Paul Sheldon, chief geopolitical advisor at S&P Global Commodity Insights Read Full Article Here For more great articles: The Energy Collective – The world’s best thinkers on…

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