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Critical Raw Materials Act – Hydrogen Europe’s views

By [Energy Central] Charley Rattan Hydrogen Europe welcomes the European Commission’s aim to strengthen the European value chain for the extraction, processing and recycling of the critical raw materials that are key for clean techs and, more broadly, the overall transformation of the energy system. Renewable hydrogen has been considered a strategic technology, hence the…

Empower Energies builds multi-structure 7.6-MW solar project in Ohio

By Billy Ludt Empower Energies has completed construction of a 7.6-MW solar installation for a Fortune 100 client at a commercial office park in Columbus, Ohio. The project, designed and constructed by Empower Energies, includes a solar canopy across several parking lots as well as rooftop solar atop four and five-story buildings. Both elements of…

Report: Clean energy jobs increased in every state in 2022

By Kelsey Misbrener The U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE) has released the 2023 U.S. Energy and Employment Report (USEER), a comprehensive study designed to track and understand employment trends across the energy sector. As the private sector continues to announce major investments in American-made energy, the 2023 USEER shows that the energy workforce added almost…

There are “green shoots” in one area of climate change effort

By [Energy Central] Tony Paradiso Our overall climate strategy is misguided, but “green shoots” exist at the grass roots level. Positive signs are emerging in energy efficiency. Despite being woefully underfunded, the International Energy Agency recently reported that in 2022 the rate of energy efficiency improvements was double the average for the past five years….

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