80edays China Team to drive a DENZA electric car in an Around-the-World Electric Vehicle Rally, arrive in U.S. June 2016

By Paul Dvorak Editor’s note: China Team Captain, Businessman and Philanthropist, Andrew Yi Zong, to Introduce Fission Startup Method to U.S. Audiences at Select Events During 80edays Challenge.A clever publicity stunt like this might generate more interest in electric vehicles, which would be good for the near-zero growth utilities in the U.S. and by extension its wind industry.
The China Team pilot Andrew Yi Zong, an environmentally conscious electric car enthusiast, has selected a DENZA, the Sino-German joint venture brand built in China, to showcase innovative Chinese EV technology.
On 16 June 2016, the 80edays China Team will depart from Barcelona, Spain in a DENZA

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