AEye Announces the AE100 Robotic Perception System for Autonomous Vehicles

By Editorial Staff AEye, a robotic perception pioneer, announced the AE100, a leading-edge robotic perception system for autonomous vehicle, ADAS, and mobility markets.
The AE100 is a solid state, cost-optimized system based on AEye’s iDAR technology, a new form of intelligent data collection that enables rapid, dynamic perception and enhanced path planning. iDAR (Intelligent Detection and Ranging) integrates three core components: the world’s first agile MOEMS LiDAR, pre-fused and bore-sighted with a low-light HD video camera; distributed artificial intelligence; and software-definable and extensible hardware.
This powerful combination enables iDAR to dynamically adapt to the real-time demands of automated and autonomous vehicles.
The AE100 will be available

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