Chevy Bolt EV Sales Climb To a High of 1,566 in May

By Jeff Cobb As the Chevrolet Bolt EV’s availability in all U.S. markets increases toward nationwide this summer, the car saw its best sales month yet with 1,566 units delivered in May.
Unlike in April, when the $37,500 and up (before incentives) 238-mile EV was outsold by the outgoing $31,000 107-mile range Nissan Leaf, this month it topped the Leaf’s 1,392 sales.
Nissans are being more heavily discounted as well, but are doing relatively strongly next to the ostensibly superior all-new Bolt.
The Bolt’s sales also fall behind those of the extended-range Chevy Volt, which documented 1,817 sales, down 4.4 percent from 1,901

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