Event Media Partner

Here’s what we offer:

  • Provide a premium highlighted listing on our events calendar at RenewaNews.com (Bold with a star graphic)
  • Add 728×90 banner ad to our site for our news readers and on our home page.  Your banner ad will appear on our home page, and on each of our news stories, as part of the rotation.  All event banner ads are given equal priority. Please note that your banner ad will commence up to 4 months before your event, and will stop on the first day of your event.
  • Notice about event on our LinkedIn Profile
  • Tweet about event to our Twitter Followers
  • A Posting in our LinkedIn news group “Renewable Energy News”
  • If you have any interviews or articles related to the event, we will also post those to our news site, Twitter account and Renewable Energy News Group on LinkedIn
  • At least one banner ad in our Daily Email Newsletter
  • At least one banner ad in our Event’s Newsletter
  • An email sent out to our email list (people who are interested in new events) when we add your event to our calendar.

What we ask in return (If Applicable & Negotiable):

  • Our logo & company name (RenewaNews.com) on your event schedule
  • Our logo and company name Linked to www.RenewaNews.com & info on your event website as a media partner/sponsor
  • A chair drop of our brochure (if appropriate), and a stack of our brochures on your media table, or something equivalent
  • At least one email message sent out to your mailing list promoting our services
  • Option to get 2 tickets to each event, including any receptions
  • A list of attendee contact information after the event
  • If your event has displays: A free booth for each event (10×10 ft).  Some events do not have vendor booths, and for these events, this is not applicable.
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