Huawei features 1,500-V utility-scale string inverter at Intersolar

By Kathie Zipp Huawei featured its utility-scale solar inverter at the Intersolar show in San Francisco last week. The company’s 45KTL inverter comes in a 1,500-V model in 500 kVA, and 1,000 V in 27.5 kVA, 33 kVA, 36.6 kVA, 40 kVA and 44 kVA. Huawei says the inverter is smart, efficient, safe and reliable.
The inverter features four MPPTs for flexibility in different layouts. It has eight strings for intelligent monitoring and fast trouble-shooting. Power line communications and smart I-V curve diagnosis are supported.
The inverter has a max efficiency of up to 98.9% and a CEC efficiency up to 98.5%.
The inverter’s DC AFCI

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