Is There a Place for Europe in the Growing Utility Solar-Plus-Storage Market?

By [email protected] The global front-of-the-meter (FTM) solar-plus-storage market took off in 2018, with more than 6 times as many new solar-paired storage megawatts deployed than in the previous year. 2019 is also forecasted to be a strong year for FTM solar-plus-storage.

However, this dramatic growth does not yet include Europe. The markets that added the most FTM solar-plus-storage by megawatt last year were Australia, South Korea, and the U.S, which combined for 540 megawatts of FTM solar-plus-storage in 2018. In contrast, the whole of Europe deployed only 6 megawatts.

What’s holding back the European solar-plus-storage market — and will there be meaningful growth in

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