Kia Unveils 238-Mile Range Niro EV Concept; 16 Electrified Vehicles Due by 2025

By Jeff Cobb In keeping with Hyundai and Kia’s ambitions to project their global presence as electrified vehicle leaders, Kia announced today it will have 16 electrified models by 2025.
The news came at CES 2018 as part of a sweeping agenda called “Boundless for all” along with Kia’s ACE (Autonomous, Connected, Eco/Electric) strategy. Unveiled also was a Niro EV concept with a Chevy Bolt-matching 238 miles EV range, plans for autonomous drive, and more in a multi-pronged approach.
“‘Boundless for all’ is Kia’s future vision – where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the infinite value that future mobility will bring,” said

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