Kokam’s new 56-MW project features world’s largest Lithium NMC energy storage system for frequency regulation

By Michelle Froese This Kokam 24-MW Energy Storage System, deployed for use by South Korea utility KEPCO, is currently the world’s largest Lithium NMC ESS for frequency regulation.
Battery and energy storage provider, Kokan Co., has successfully deployed two Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) Oxide Energy Storage Systems (ESSs) for frequency regulation on the South Korean electricity grid. The systems include a 24-MW (9-MWh) and a 16-MW (6-MWh), respectively.
The 24-MW system is the largest capacity Lithium NMC ESS used for frequency regulation in the world.
Operational since January 2016, the two new systems — along with a Kokam 16-MW (50-MWh) Lithium Titanate Oxide ESS system

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