Let’s Get High(er): GE Unveils 853-Foot Wind Turbine (Plans)

By SolarWakeup By Frank Andorka, Senior Correspondent
What Happened: GE unveiled its latest wind turbine, the Haliade-X. It will
Stand 853-feet tall.
Have blades the length of a football field.
Will, if all goes according to plan, will produce 67 GWh annually (Vox calls that “whackadoodle.”)
SolarWakeup’s View: First off, let me say my first reaction to this story was, “Whoa – that is one enormous wind turbine.”
But then it got me to thinking: When a utility retires a fossil-fuel-fired plant, how much wind and solar will we need to replace all that generation? The answer is a ton.

When a plant is retired, it takes a lot

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