LUDECA unwraps LUBExpert Acoustic Lubrication Solution, the best new way to grease bearings

By Paul Dvorak LUBExpert comes with the new LUBEsense contact sensor and with a custom swivel cradle to mount the LUBExpert to any standard grease gun.
Ultrasound testing and machinery lubrication are key elements in a successful Asset Condition Management program. At a relatively insignificant capital entry cost, the benefits to reliability and operating cost savings produced by ultrasound assisted lubrication can be truly enormous.
LUBExpert combines SDT’s (A series of lubrication products) strong measurement capabilities and clever user interface to create an on-board lubrication and greasing assistant. Intelligent algorithms guide lube-techs before, during, and after re-greasing resulting in optimal lubrication parameters on all assets.

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