Nissan Leaf Second Plug-in Ever To Sell 100,000 In US

By Jeff Cobb With 1,412 U.S. Leaf sales last month, the cumulative total since its launch is 100,241 units, making it the second plug-in to cross the 100,000 plug-in car milestone.
The first was the Chevy Volt, which was launched the same month, December 2010, crossed the line in July, and now has 107,267 with 2,191 sold in October.
The U.S. has been the Leaf’s biggest market, and its peak sales year was 2014 with 30,200 units sold.
Worldwide, about 239,000 Leafs have gone to new owners through September.
Other markets where the Leaf through September is strong include second-place Japan, with 69,833

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