Posi-Lock keyless shaft-hub locking devices from Miki Pulley locks gears, sprockets, pulleys and more in a mechanical system

By Paul Dvorak Posi-Lock bushings from Miki Pulley provide a solid connection between shaft and mounted devices. They provide system designers with a keyless option for locking into position gears, pulleys, sprockets and other components in a mechanical system.
Posi-Locks eliminate the need for machining keyways, keys and tapped holes. They eliminate the need for tapered shafts, locknuts or other locking devices which are slow and difficult to install accurately.
Posi-Lock bushings feature socket-head cap screws that tighten quickly and easily. When tightened, these screws allow the inner and outer hub of the Posi-Lock to move along shaft contact surfaces. The movement between the inner

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