Renault Zoe Ekes By Mitsubishi Outlander in 2016 European Plug-in Sales

By Jon LeSage The Renault Zoe was the top seller in Europe last year, coming in just a hair past the Mitsubishi Outlander.
The European Alternative Fuels Observatory reported that the all-electric Zoe came in at 21,337 units sold versus the plug-in hybrid Outlander finishing at 21,328 sold in 2016. The observatory tracks plug-in vehicle sales in European Union member countries.
Rounding out the battery electric vehicle chart were the Nissan Leaf with 18,557 units sold; the Tesla Model S at 12,353; the BMW i3 at 9,726; and the Volkswagen e-Golf at 6,666 vehicles sold. For the plug-in hybrid category, the VW Passat GTE had

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