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Energy: 5 important facts

By Rafael Herzberg Energy: 5 important facts Liquefied natural gasPrices have dropped sharply in recent years Electric vehiclesIt has been exponentially increasing its market penetration Solar and windThese are two sources that have gained great importance in power matrices India and ChinaThey showed great development in the energy sector Energy efficiency in buildingsIt is a…

What to expect when you’re expecting electric transportation

While electric vehicles alone may not reduce carbon emissions, a new study reveals that when electric vehicles are powered with renewable energy and coupled with carbon policy strategies, they can help combat climate change without sacrificing economic growth. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Renewable Energy News — ScienceDaily

New Mexico Misses Chance to Help Consumers Drive Clean

By Noah Long In the closing hours of a one-month legislative session in New Mexico, a filibuster prevented votes on a number of bills, including on bipartisan legislation that would have provided consumers incentives to support electric vehicle (EV) purchases and the installation of charging stations. That policy would have invested a few million dollars…

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