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Ford introduces largest EV charging network in North America

Ford is providing easy access to more electric vehicle public charging stations in North America than any other automaker, Ford will make it easier for customers to find a place to charge when the company starts delivering new models next year. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Electric Vehicles Research

HDC-6 NEPTUNE captures Hyundai’s vision for zero carbon emission fuel cell electric truck technology and design

By Blagojce Krivevski Hyundai Motor Company revealed today the first rendering images of its concept for a hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric truck, HDC-6 NEPTUNE. Hyundai will debut its latest commercial truck concept during this year’s North American Commercial Vehicle Show in Atlanta. In addition, Hyundai Translead (HT) will also reveal its eco-friendly, high-performance refrigerated concept…

A lithium-ion battery that won’t catch fire

A flexible lithium-ion battery designed by a team of researchers and built to operate under extreme conditions—including cutting, submersion, and simulated ballistic impact—can now add incombustible to its résumé. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Electric Vehicles Research

Grid Edge Trends From 2019 (So Far)

By [email protected] 2019 has seen a steady evolution of policy, regulation and business model innovation at the grid edge. The themes of digitalization, decentralization, flexibility and resilienc” keep cropping up, touching sectors from EV infrastructure to microgrids, demand response and beyond. Reflecting on the third quarter, Wood Mackenzie’s grid edge team highlighted key trends and…

HAB Land Ltd goes bust – Grand Designs presenter walks away

By SuperJoe Likes the finer things in lifeKevin McCloud, presenter of Channel 4 TV’s Grand Designs series, fronted money-raising for an eco-property developer, and then resigned as a director 18 months before the company went bust this week. The picture is still unclear because there is a web of interlocked shareholdings, but many small investors…

Volvo introduces first fully electric car

Volvo Cars introduces the XC40 Recharge, the company’s first ever fully electric car and the first model to appear in its brand new Recharge car line concept. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Electric Vehicles Research

How the Battery Sector Is Looking to Improve Lithium-Ion

By [email protected] Electric vehicle makers and battery manufacturers are making progress in developing new lithium-ion designs, amid persistent concerns over the supply of key materials. Concerns over cobalt, in particular, are forcing battery makers to move toward cobalt-light lithium-ion formulations, said Hans Eric Melin, founder of Circular Energy Storage, a consultancy focused on battery end-of-life…

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