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Germans oil wheels for wind

By Robin Lancaster Kluber to showcase biodegradable turbine lubricants at WindEnergy 2018 Read Full Article Here For more great articles: reNEWS – Renewable Energy News

Feeding plants to this algae could fuel your car

The research shows that a freshwater production strain of microalgae, Auxenochlorella protothecoides, is capable of directly degrading and utilizing non-food plant substrates, such as switchgrass, for improved cell growth and lipid productivity, useful for boosting the algae’s potential value as a biofuel. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Renewable Energy News — ScienceDaily

Global Bioenergies and Audi renew their partnership in renewable gasoline

By mmillikin Global Bioenergies and Audi signed a new agreement focused on the implementation of biomass residue feedstock usage, preparation of a path to commercialization and engine testing of new blends of renewable gasoline. (Earlier post.) Following the completion of a first series of engine testing and significant progresses of the isobutene bioproduction process, the…

Climate Change & The Alien Apocalypse

By Steve Hanley A collection of researchers from the fields of astrobiology and biogeochemistry have developed sophisticated new computer models designed to determine if human life on Earth is sustainable. The indications are not very hopeful. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Clean Technica

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