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South Korea’s SMART SMR Gets a New Life

By Dan Yurman Saudi Arabia has updated its agreement with South Korea to complete a 100 MWe SMR, to license it for use in that country and to offer it for export.The joint project between the two countries, which began in 2011, had been stalled for several years, but is now moving forward.The renewed development…

Hydrogen: the answer to climate change? BBC

By Charley Rattan Register and listenBBC World Service – Global Business, Hydrogen: The answer to Climate… Click headline for full article Read Full Article Here For more great articles: The Energy Collective – The world’s best thinkers on energy & climate

Decarbonization Dilemma: The Tragedy of the Common(s) Light Bulb

By Dan Delurey Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb. As in the case with many technologies, the original inventor of something is not always the “inventor” of the first commercial transformation of it into a product. The electric incandescent light was actually invented by Humphrey Davy in 1802, and several individuals improved on…

California Can Make Lowly Water Heaters Mighty Climate Tools

By Pierre Delforge In a groundbreaking vote, California has allocated nearly $45 million toward boosting highly efficient electric heat pump technology that can help avoid burning fossil fuels to heat our water, as well as store California’s abundant pollution-free solar energy to give us piping-hot showers when the sun isn’t shining.Jessica Russo, NRDCThe California Public…

Renewable energy bills to watch

By Ivy Main Grassroots activists gather at the steps of the Virginia Capital on January 14. Photo courtesy Sierra Club.Yesterday’s post launched my annual roundup of energy and climate bills with a comparison of the two major energy transition bills filed to date, HB1526/SB851, the Clean Economy Act, and HB77, the Green New Deal Act….

Only the greenest will do | SKF Wind News

By Philipp Schmid What role can sustainability play in maintenance programs? Machine reliability is typically the deciding factor when choosing a maintenance service. And going green might be easier than you think. By adopting the latest technology and practices, such as condition monitoring and remanufacturing, you can minimize environmental impact and costs while boosting uptime….

Finding the investment “wow” factor in green buildings

By FORESIGHT Contributor Massive investment opportunities exist for those deciding to use their cash to help renovate buildings, says Jennifer Layke Global Director of Energy at the World Resources Institute Somehow the investment community does not see green buildings as the next hot pick. Even though the costs of solar and wind power are now…

California’s new long-term gas plan is a win for customers and the environment

By EDF Energy Exchange By Michael ColvinAs California moves to decarbonize its electric grid by 2045 and implement its broader economy-wide decarbonization targets, state regulators are beginning to develop a coordinated, equitable and cost-effective plan to proactively manage the transition of the legacy gas system.Tomorrow, the California Public Utilities Commission is set to open a…

Coal’s Fall Drives GHG Cut in 2019, Gains May Be Short Term

By Amanda Levin There’s good, mixed, and, candidly, bad news about how much climate pollution the United States is contributing to our warming planet. Using new real-time data and independent analyses, we can begin to reveal the key energy and emissions trends from 2019—and what 2020 likely has in store—several months ahead of the official…

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