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Lasers etch a ‘perfect’ solar energy absorber

Researchers demonstrate how laser etching of metallic surfaces creates the ”perfect solar energy absorber.” This not only enhances energy absorption from sunlight, but also reduces heat dissipation at other wavelengths. The researchers also demonstrate solar energy harnessing with a thermal electric generator. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Solar Energy News — ScienceDaily

Tata Motors Ushers in New Wave of E-Mobility

Tata Motors announced the launch of India’s Own Electric SUV – the Nexon EV. Powered by Ziptron technology, this vehicle promises zippy performance, an ARAI certified anxiety-free range of 312 km on a single charge. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Electric Vehicles Research

World’s largest operational tidal stream array generated 13.8GWh in 2019

By Joshua S Hill Simec Atlantis, the once Australia based and now global developer, owner, and operator of the world’s largest operational tidal stream array, publishes operational data ahead of a major expansion. The post World’s largest operational tidal stream array generated 13.8GWh in 2019 appeared first on RenewEconomy. Read Full Article Here For more…

Seven new technologies that can enhance your life

By techstar Knowing which bets to place when it comes to adopting emerging new technologies is impossible. But its still worth trying. Betting on the winners of the next generation, not as investment but in terms of incorporating them into your life, can give you a head start, future proof your life or work, and…

EXCLUSIVE: Brazil Crude Oil Calamity Spells Warning for Canada

By The Energy Mix TV BrasilGov/Wikimedia Commons Eight weeks ago, the famed white sand beaches of northeast Brazil began blackening as globs of toxic oil suddenly appeared to coat or contaminate crustaceans, fish, sea turtles, birds, rocks, and shallow mangrove nurseries sheltering all manner of marine life.The oil came by stealth—lurking below the Atlantic waves…

Ewa wind farm seeking community input #HI

By National Wind Watch As Hawaiian Electric Co. evaluates proposals for a new wave of renewable energy projects on Oahu, one bidder is laying the groundwork for a wind farm with up to 16 turbines on the island’s west side, even before it gets a final nod from HECO. Eurus Energy America Corp. seemed to…

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