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OEMs feel the pain as pandemic hits hard

All four major western manufacturers recorded losses for the second quarter as the coronavirus outbreak continued to play havoc with the global economy and supply chains. Things were made worse for some by problems with hardware or markets that had already been slowing down before the outbreak. Read Full Article Here For more great articles:…

WindEconomics: Renewables could assist economic post-pandemic recovery

In June it was a little uncertain how the wind industry would be affected by the global pandemic, as its competitive position had been eroded by falling gas and oil prices. More recently, however, there have been hopeful signs, not least the publication of the Sustainable Recovery report by the International Energy Agency (IEA). Read…

SGRE aims to cement market lead with tailored 3.X turbine for India

Siemens Gamesa launched its new SG 3.4-145 turbine to make the most of India’s best wind sites. Eize de Vries finds out how the company’s technical experts in Spain and India worked together to come up with the best design to offer flexible power ratings, withstand the country’s hot, humid conditions and offer export potential….

Best onshore turbine to 3.4MW: Goldwind

Goldwind’s GW 150-2.8MW turbine has won the Turbine of the Year award in the Onshore Turbine up to 3.4MW category. Editor Shaun Campbell explains why… Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Wind Power Home page RSS Feed

Covid-19 lockdowns hit onshore predictions

Until the coronavirus pandemic brought much of the global economy to a standstill, the wind sector had been expected to install more than 60GW in 2020. This now has been revised downwards, before the outbreak has even peaked in many countries. We take a look at how individual markets are likely to be affected. Read…

Material considerations: covering up the cracks on turbine failure

The Material Failure Investigation Group of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) has been listening to, and acting on, presentations on the subject of wind turbine failures for the past two years. These have all emerged from organisations outside the mainstream renewable communities, in most cases from independent, third-party investigators. This is of…

Germany joint auctions give pause for thought

GERMANY: Germany held its first technology-neutral renewables auction in April — onshore wind battled solar projects for support for 200MW. The results give pause for thought. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Wind Power Home page RSS Feed

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