U.S. offshore wind Q&A with Ventolines

By WPED Contributor The Dutch firm Ventolines has signed on as offshore wind expertise partner for Mayflower Wind, a huge offshore wind project starting 30 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, and has opened its first permanent U.S. office in Boston. Windpower Engineering & Development connected with Thibaut de Groen, Ventolines’ director of contracting and construction, and Lorry Wagner, the firm’s new U.S. representative, to learn more about the company’s U.S. offshore plans.
Thibaut de Groen, Ventolines Director of Contracting and Construction
What project aspects will Ventolines be performing for Mayflower Wind?
For Mayflower, Ventolines will provide T&I (transport and installation) expertise on the electrical offshore

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