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* Get Back On Track – with Blue-Skies Thinking *

By Alec Lom Britain’s Prime Minister has just announced plans to stage what he terms a “Green Revolution” to transform the UK economy.Making transport more environmentally friendly is part of his plan. Has he considered how sunshine can make the railways greener with solar panels?Trains still use huge amounts of electricity, but in countries like…

Visualizing Pennsylvania Oil & Gas Production (Through September 2020)

By Enno Peters This article contains still images from the interactive dashboards available in the original blog post. To follow the instructions in this article, please use the interactive dashboards. Furthermore, they allow you to uncover other insights as well. Visit ShaleProfile blog to explore the full interactive dashboardThese interactive presentations contain the latest gas…

Grid Edge Innovation Summit 2020: IBM’s Brad Gammons on Utility Digitalization in the Age of Decarbonization

By [email protected]eentechmedia.com IBM has spent the past decade advancing smart meter and digital grid technologies around the world, including playing a key role in designing the “Smart Grid Maturity Model” that helped guide investment strategies for hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. federal energy infrastructure and modernization recovery funds in the wake of the…

Generator Rotor Stub Shaft Repair

By Jay Eldridge This piece was originally shared with the Generation Professionals community group. Thought it would be of interest to share here as well. Click headline for full article Read Full Article Here For more great articles: The Energy Collective – The world’s best thinkers on energy & climate

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