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Are Utility Companies Doing Enough to Reach Decarbonization Goals?

By Shannon Flynn The climate crisis is a global phenomenon that requires immediate action if it’s to be battled effectively. Industries of all kinds contribute to global warming through harmful production practices that release emissions into the air. Utility companies consistently release carbon, which takes a hefty toll on the planet. To combat its effects,…

Tesla worth more than the entire US oil industry?

By Adam Aston It’s often pointed out that Tesla has lately grown to be worth more than any other automaker or, even worth more than most of the the top car companies combined. But for another perspective, as of 12/2/20, Tesla was worth roughly the same as the 25 largest US oil companies: Tesla, $567bn;…

“We have to act now:” Pacific Islands plea to Morrison on climate

By Michael Mazengarb Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum calls on Australia to set zero carbon target, saying climate change ‘single greatest threat’ to Pacific region. The post “We have to act now:” Pacific Islands plea to Morrison on climate appeared first on RenewEconomy. Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Renew Economy

Debunking the Myths About Long-Term Fixed Pricing of Power

By Jack Doueck Debunking Myth #1: Long-Term Fixed Pricing is the Lowest Cost OptionOver the last few years in de-regulated states, there has a been a widespread notion that long-term fixed pricing is the best path to the lowest cost for electricity. This is especially true among large commercial customers and real estate owners across…

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