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The Potential of ORC Flare Elimination

By Daniel Ward The Reality of FlaringThe flaring of methane is commonplace at many landfills, biogas and wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), and well sites across the globe. Industries routinely flare this gas to prevent pressure build up or to separate the gas as part of an industrial process. Not only are these flares an unsightly…

Hyzon Motors, Raven SR to build 100 waste-to-hydrogen hubs

By Charley Rattan Hyzon Motors has inked a deal with renewable fuels company Raven SR to build up to 100 waste-to-hydrogen production hubs across the US, and globally,… Click headline for full article Read Full Article Here For more great articles: The Energy Collective – The world’s best thinkers on energy & climate

Should You Invest or Trade in Oil Stocks Now?

By Nick Ferengi Oil prices have pulled back since peaking last month. Brent crude rose to trade at around $70.00 per barrel while the light crude traded at about $68.00. They have both fallen to settle at around $66.00 and $62.00, respectively. However, the most evident feature is the level of volatility that oil prices…

Climate ultimatum UTCLT – Part 2

By walter demey The green deals will not lower the CO2-ppm level on earth – the big scale CO2-extraction is the only solution – a newly created tropical rain forest is the sole reasonable solution – mineral oil should be replaced by oil from algae – buoys and wave-energy are important for fossil-free electricity. Politically…

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